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MCI, Inc. (previously Worldcom and MCI WorldCom) was a telecommunications company. For a time, it was the second largest long-distance telephone company in the United States, after AT&T. Worldcom grew largely by acquiring other telecommunications companies, including MCI Communications in 1998, and filed bankruptcy in 2002 after an accounting scandal, in which several executives, including CEO Bernard Ebbers, were convicted of a scheme to inflate the company's assets. In January 2006, the company, by now renamed MCI, was acquired by Verizon Communications and was later integrated into Verizon Business.


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Associations is poorly managed. No Communication. Work distribution is completely unbalanced. Environment can be very hostile."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Staff spread too thin."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Disorganized company culture - Lack of sufficient training - Poor compensation and limited budgets - Constant turn-over of assistants and other entry-mid level staff"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay for call center team (not even the industry standard), potential micro aggression and racial comments from other employees, chainsmokers"

Former Employee - Manager says

"My sincere recommendation to those reading this is that you study hard and work hard so that you can get into a good company and build yourself a good career. Now, if by any reason you can’t find a job anywhere else, go to MCI they will practically hire anyone. MCI Benelux is a mediocre company with average employees and an extremely high turnover of clients and staff. EXPERTISE RELIES ON INTERNS When I left the company, 40% of the employees were interns. For an experienced professional it is draining to try to work surrounded by so many inexperienced people, amateurs that you have to constantly train. Not to mention, that you will be held accountable for their mistakes and the low quality of their work. Clients are told that senior employees are taking care of their projects while in reality, the work is done by interns. You will be obliged to lie to clients and tell them that you only work on 2 projects while you actually work on 5 or more. If the client complains about you, you’ll be fired with no prior notice so, to avoid this, you’ll have to put in extra hours. NOT REALLY AN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Even though there are MCI offices in many cities around the world they all operate independently. It runs as a holding that owns individual businesses. Don’t let their website fool you. DON’T EXPECT TO GROW A “promotion” does not include a better job title nor a salary raise, it only implies having more work, more responsibility, and having to train and supervise junior employees. Where on earth is that a promotion? Even at a so-called “senior level” you’ll end up answering customer care phones, taking meeting minutes, cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, covering for the receptionist, taking over human resources tasks, booking hotels, ordering business cards, cold calling, etc. NO TRAINING You will never be trained or certified or attend any seminars or conferences related to your work. Nothing. The company won’t invest in you. If you need to learn something specific for your job you’ll be told to Google it and learn it on your own, even hard skills such as coding or data management & analysis. They have something called “Learning Week” which are just speeches from your same colleagues that feel more like primary school presentations. There’s also an online learning platform with super basic videos. A total waste of your time. GENDER INEQUALITY 75% of senior management positions are occupied by men while 75% of employees are female, therefore: women do the work, men give the orders. If you are a woman get used to being called a “lady”... so patronising. The salary and benefits structure is not transparent or equal: employees doing the same job have different salaries and benefits, depending on their gender, nationality, immigration status or personal relationship with the managers. As an example, in a group of 6 account leads, the 3 males have director level and the 3 females have manager level. Same work but lower salaries and titles for the women. OFFICE DRAMA Battle of egos between the managers. Employees hovering around the water cooler whispering in each other’s ears. Frequent firings. Constant rumours and gossip. Misunderstandings, favouritism and infighting. Dra-Ma. Working there was a step back in my career, I regret it."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you are a true art director/designer, please avoid this company of all cost! Because you'll be facing with incapability self-claimed creative director who don't know about a basic design principles and will ask you to copy other's people design and it's a right thing to do, plus out of the border's bad attitudes who are going to treat you more like a student and even worst than a lecture who going to ask you every single questions into you every single details of the design you created. Just make a guess what kind of stupid question, and yes, that it is! It's rather that that person didn't understand at all about design in general at all or testing you. If you ask that person, the answer will be testing you, but if you are a experienced designer, you will guess that that person didn't understand about the design at all. Nevertheless, when the things went wrong, that person will push the blame to you."

Former Employee - Event Coordinator says

"-Very poor pay -Constantly working overtime with no time off in lieu or bonus -no recognition or thanks for working hard, you are just given more work. -processes are constantly being dramatically changed: once one project is going well, the management decide to cancel it or change it completely. There is no stability. -management and HR are liars, they are not interested in actually giving you new opportunities, it’s just an exercise in covering their reputation. -generalised, accepted and promoted chaos."

Former Employee - Project Coordinator says

"- Extremely toxic environnement - No support from middle or upper management - Fake culture or policies - everything stays on paper - No respect for employees - Salaries and conditions way below the market - No benefit whatsoever - Expected to do extra hours with no pay"


"The bad work life balance and the company culture in general, makes several emloyees to leave the company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Staff burn out due to being over-worked"

CHAUFFEUR (Former Employee) says

"très difficile de travail chez eux car le travail est nul très nul mais vraiment très difficile Cons: 0"

Asst. Manager (Former Employee) says

"No direction, overbearing DM. The diversity in this place is more so in the light side of things based off how the DM hires. You are encouraged to slam customers with phones, tablets and wearables. Cons: Philip"

Technicien de maintenance informatique (Former Employee) says

"Usine toujours en panne ils sont mêmes pas capables de la faire fonctionner Cons: Tout"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"well they world train you on the phones, but you are on your own you have not much help around and the people you call are mean"

Team Lead and Sales Support (Former Employee) says

"IF SELLING IS YOUR PASSION THIS IS THE Company..if your okay with the phone being hung up on you constantly this is the job for you. Self motivating job very competitive Cons: self motivating"

Inspection of all building trades (Former Employee) says

"Work there quite a few years no advancement treated like an apprentice when I am experienced in everything that needed to be done. Just treated like a helper no respect Cons: Short breaks paid only cash no taxes taken out no retirement"

MCI / The Doctor's Office Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Cheapest place to work as a nurse in Canada"

Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"MCI became world comm and it was raided and destroyed. The company is no longer in operation and staff was dropped by raiding company. Management lied about selling out. Cons: None"

Internet Access Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"MCI went out of business. Because of that more than seventy thousand people lost their jobs. All because someone lied and someone else helped to cover it up. It is a good thing that the ones responsible were made to play. Cons: seventy thousand people lost their jobs."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is no longer around. As you know everything is free long distance these days. I did like the selling when I was here it was fun and I learned a lot about myself. Cons: you have to be able to sell"

Research Representative/CS/Repair Rep (Former Employee) says

"Anything I say would be useless, the company went out of business. The ceo was corrupt and eventually bankrupted the company. Everyone lost their jobs."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful days and didn't really learn anything. Management wasn't helpful and wasn't very diverse. Hardest part of the job was making the management happy and going home at the end of the day was the most enjoyable."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very fun and energetic environment to work in. Unfortunately they went out of business and a lot of people were with out jobs. Other then that it was a geat job."

Communications Specialist/Client Support (Former Employee) says

"In the past MCI was a passionate, thriving telecommunication company. It was the direct competition of AT@T .Company went out of business and thousands of people lost the jobs."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"You hardly get to work. There is few jobs. And you are still docked for uniforms. I was called in several times just to be sent right back home before you even made it there Cons: Call in basis and then called off before you get there"

Fulfillment Production Specialist (Former Employee) says


TSA Screener (Current Employee) says

"I got to work at 0245 am, started working by 3am did work to open screening area. We open some times at 0345 am sometimes latter. Talk to saw lots of people. Did screener work. Can’t really talk about it. Really really liked my job. Worked with supervisors daily and other coworkers. I worked well with coworkers. Hardest part of job putting your life in others hands. The most enjoyable part of this job was working with other people. Cons: hours"

ELECTRICIEN (Former Employee) says

"rien est fait pour les employés, payé au lance pierre, contra toujours en attente quand il y en a un... Cons: tout"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"The work started at 6am to 5pm, I learned to sale phone services, the management and co-workers were good, the hardest part of the job was getting the customer to change from there phone service to the one I wanted them to purchase and the best part was getting them to accept my product."

Technician III (Former Employee) says

"Responsible for overall supervisory and lead technician duties; successfully maintaining six fiber optic repeater; assisting with two terminals as well as training. As National Splicer, traveled the east coast completing many long haul routes and inside terminations on various equipment." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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